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20118M-RF | RF Stainless Steel Wall Mount Push Button

20118M-RF | RF Stainless Steel Wall Mount Push Button

The 20118M Wall Mount Push Button transmitters allow easy access in emergency situations. Pressing the latching button will send an alarm to the Crisis Controller® software showing the alarm location or individual information.


The device includes an LED backlit button that lights up when the button is latched and sending an alarm transmission. Transmitters are fully supervised for any malfunction and low battery condition.

  • Dual band RFID transmitter
  • Able to transmit in the harshest RF environments
  • Compatible with PALS® Atlas system components
  • Single Push latching and unlatching with LED backlight
  • Long range transmission
  • Constructed using heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Extended battery life (up to 12 months depending on features and usage)
  • Full transmitter supervision includes alarms for low battery and inactivity
  • Returns accurate RF location and tracking information
  • Easy Installation
  • Available in flush or surface mount