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PALS 9000 System | Head End

60320 | Commercial Monitoring System

60320 | Commercial Monitoring System

The 60320 Commercial Monitoring System is a grouping of head end components that provides an entry level monitoring center for the PALS® 9000 Duress System. It includes a CPU with typical peripheral components and Crisis Controller® software licensed for 2 CPU’s and 100 transmitters.

These parameters are easily upgradeable for future expansion.

60320 | Commercial Monitoring System
  • User friendly Windows® XP compatible
  • Capable of handling over 65,000 transmitters
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for site and building mapping
  • Fully supervises all hardware related equipment for fault indication
  • Software allows for alarm location, and automatic alarm notification paging
  • Multiple CPU point capability via dedicated hard-wired LAN network
  • For more information about standard head end components please see data sheets for the following items:
    • 70100 PALS® Monitoring Center CPU
    • 70201 Alert Communicator Board
    • 70320 Crisis Controller® CPU watchdog
    • 60201-E E-Series Serial Receiver Assembly
    • 70421 19” Touch screen LCD Monitor
    • 70430 Logitech® S-120 Speakers
    • 60613 PMT Programming Cable (USB)
    • 30020 Crisis Controller® Software (Advanced Version)