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60330/60525 | PALS Alert Network Station

60330/60525 | PALS® Alert Network Station

The Alert Network Station includes Actall’ s Crisis Controller ® software program, which is a 900 MHz spread spectrum technology radio frequency (RF) based monitoring system. Alarm information can be displayed on a monitor showing pertinent information such as ID number, alarm zone or location, alarm type, graphical mapping, automatic paging, and the date/time the alarm was sent. This station is networked to the Main Monitoring Center CPU using standard 10/100 Ethernet connection utilizing a shared database. This station can be taken in or out of alarm monitoring mode which enables system supervisors to make changes to the system without stopping Alarm Monitoring on other monitoring stations. System supervisor can make changes on this station to the programming of RF transmitters, IR locators, assignment of hardware used in the Crisis Controller® system. The Network Station is an IBM compatible Pentium 4 system pre-installed with Windows® XP a 17 ”SVGA Monitor, PALS ® Hardware Key, 100Mbps Network Card and Multi Media Speakers completes the package.

60330/60525 | PALS® Alert Network Station
  • User friendly Windows® XP compatible
  • Capable of handling over 65,000 transmitters
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for site and building mapping
  • Fully supervises all hardware related equipment for fault indication
  • Software allows for alarm location, and automatic alarm notification paging
  • Multiple CPU point capability via dedicated hard-wired LAN network
  • For more information about standard headend components please see data sheets for the following items:
    • 70100 PALS® Monitoring Center CPU
    • 70201 Alert Communicator Board
    • 70320 Crisis Controller® CPU watchdog
    • 60201-E E-Series Serial Receiver Assembly
    • 70421 19” Touchscreen LCD Monitor
    • 70430 Logitech® S-120 Speakers
    • 60613 PMT Programming Cable (USB)
    • 30020 Crisis Controller® Software (Advanced Version)