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Developing cool tech is awesome, but you know what else is awesome? Our interns. Here's why, in their own words.

Our interns help move us forward

Our educational internships not only provide valuable hands on experience; it's our interns that bring us a new perspective, helping to move us forward as RTLS industry leaders. New ideas in problem solving and curiosity keep us on our toes in each of the in-house specialties our team relies on. Our small size allows us to provide one-on-one mentor relationships with our interns, giving them an opportunity to assist in the many projects our team manages. We can accommodate college level and high school level internship requirements, as well as provide non-students independent-study opportunities. If you have the drive to further your future with us, give us a call or send over a message. We may have a seat on the Actall bus for you.

Meet our interns (past & present)

Amado S.

Fall 2018 High School Intern

An aspiring writer...

Amado is an aspiring writer in the pursuit of becoming a journalist.Writing skills are a huge asset to our team to help create web and social media content, technical documents, and informational manuals.


Angel D.

Fall 2018 High School Intern

Developing his creative skills...

Angel is with us through a curricular college preparedness program at Denver School of Science and Technology. Angel's interest in art and design landed him with our Marketing team where he is developing his creative skills.


Aidan B.

Summer 2018 High School Intern

An amazing eye...

Aidan has an amazing eye for photography. During his summer internship with us, Aidan was able to learn the ropes of using imagery to market an idea, a product, and a campaign. We have Aidan to thank for many of the product photos shown on our site.

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