Help Desk

December 21, 2018

Testing Staff Tags


  • Tags should be tested before entering the units to ensure they are working.  This article includes instruction on how to test using an Actall test station.

Step One

  • On the touchscreen you will see the keypad to enter the tags ID.  (an ID is found on each device, and is similar to the image below)
  • On the touchscreen computer enter the ID of the tag  into the "device ID to test" box
  • Then click "Start Test"

Step Two

  • When you see this screen, push the button on the tag to test the tag

NOTE: Only push the button once, do not hold down as tag will not test until released.

  • Battery and alarm functions will be tested without causing an alarm on the system
  • The green testing line will start moving across showing listening for the test

Step Three

  • If tag tests good for battery and alarming, you will see this screen “Test Successful” which means you are
    finished testing
  • If the system does not receive information from the tag “Try Again” will appear.

Step Four

  • If tag tests good for good for alarm monitoring but has a bad battery, you will see this screen 
  • To ensure the successful operation of the device a new battery should be installed before using the tag.