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Cyber Security Attacks Continue. Here’s How to Safeguard Your Cyber Security Supply Chain

By actallblog | Aug 11, 2022 |

With cyberattacks on the rise, take a moment to review and revamp your cyber security supply chain approaches and corporate cyber security policies.

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Upcoming Trade Shows

By kfreeman | Aug 9, 2022 |

Security Canada Central October 19-20, 2022Toronto, Ontario National Conference on Correctional Health Care October 22-26, 2022Las Vegas, Nevada

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Navigating “Business as Usual” in a “Post”-Covid World

By actallblog | Jul 20, 2022 |

In the “post”-Covid workplace, managers are navigating productivity challenges along with diverse staff and client needs. Here’s how we manage it at Actall.

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Evaluating Your Facility’s Needs for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

By actallblog | Jul 13, 2022 |

Understanding corrections facility needs for indoor and outdoor tracking is important. Take a future-focused view when assessing corrections RTLS needs.

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Functional Upgrades for Your Existing Actall System

By actallblog | Jul 9, 2022 |

An inside look at mental health facility RTLS: Flexible, scalable Actall location-tracking systems help behavioral health centers operate safely and efficiently.

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End Of Life Notification concerning certain PALS 9000 parts 

By | Jun 30, 2022 |

End Of Life Notification concerning certain PALS 900 parts  EOL Notification Date:         The date of this announcement is June 30 2022. Product Obsolescence        Actall Corporation is obsoleting parts 60011-E, 60110. 60401, 60401X, 60402, 60402X, 60410 and 60410X Last Time Buy/Ship Date:    The last-time buy date for these products is December 1, 2022,…

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Understanding RTLS: Passive and Active Tags

By actallblog | May 27, 2022 |

The future is here: Explore Actall’s novel solutions for real-time locating that combine active and passive RTLS technologies to boost healthcare facility efficiency.

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Oregon State Hospital: An Inside Look at Upgrading RTLS Tech for Behavioral Health

By actallblog | May 25, 2022 |

Behavioral health centers serve a complex population in a complex environment. Here’s how RTLS in healthcare contributes to better outcomes and staff safety.

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Why Actall? We Make RTLS Work Where It’s Not Supposed To

By actallblog | Apr 20, 2022 |

Complex physical environments pose challenging problems for RTLS. Actall has the solutions.

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The Huddle: Does the Four-Day Workweek Have Legs?

By actallblog | Mar 31, 2022 |

Is it time to adopt a four-day workweek? The CEO of a Colorado-based small business looks at the future of work after pandemic burnout and the Great Resignation.

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