Positioning Technology designed for Complex Architecture.
Efficient, Accurate and Fast.

Positioning Technology designed for your operations.
Efficient, Accurate and Fast.


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Accurate Tracking Solutions for Challenging Environments

An effective real-time locating system (RTLS) isn’t just better for your bottom line—it can be a life-saving intervention. 

Actall’s industry-leading technology is built on decades of design and installation experience working with facilities of all sizes. Our ATLAS® tracking system quickly and accurately locates people and equipment assets in complex physical environments where traditional locating methods fall short, particularly in mainstream medical, corrections and mental health facilities.  

Whether you're using RTLS for tracking, duress, refining operational workflows, event notification or staffing logistics, ATLAS RTLS articulates critical safety information and collects useful data to inform your decision making without further leveraging or expanding your WiFi networks. An Actall ATLAS solution can help you increase your return on investment by improving your operations.  

Custom Solutions Engineered for Top Performance

Actall’s system components are designed to work where other comparable technologies fail, providing reliable coverage in complex physical environments such as multilevel facilities with many rooms and corridors, egress points and a variety of construction materials.

Our RTLS solutions are custom-configured to meet your objectives while providing seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Whether it’s time to upgrade from Actall’s PALS 9000 to ATLAS, or replace an existing tracking system entirely, we have the solutions and expertise to serve you well.

Choose a Vendor You Can Depend On

Since 1997, Actall has designed and installed reliable and accurate RTLS systems for architecturally dense facilities and complex physical environments. Where other systems on the market can falter by relying on finicky technology like radio-frequency signal triangulation or overloaded WiFi networks, Actall's technology delivers highly accurate tracking solutions that optimize facility safety and efficiency. And our customer service and technical support is here for you, 24/7. 

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Our technology is designed to work where other comparable technologies fall short, making our RTLS solutions expansive enough to cover the needs of critical environments, while also having the flexibility to perform dependably in a variety of facilities. 

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