About Us

Since 1997, our team has developed innovative technologies and installed highly accurate RTLS systems for customers in a wide array of industries. Our scalable solutions are built specifically to handle complex physical environments, meaning the transmission of location data isn’t impeded by concrete or steel-reinforced walls, multiple stories, winding corridors, stairwells, industrial kitchens and laundries, or any number of facility-specific nuances that would wreak havoc with other RTLS systems.

With locations across the United States and Canada, and dealer + integrator networks spanning North America, we’re equipped to provide first-rate solutions for facilities everywhere.

We’ve helped organizations in mental health, corrections and mainstream medical sectors enhance staff safety, boost operational efficiency, protect equipment assets and more for decades. Read more about our capabilities in these case studies:


How We Help 

Many RTLS systems rely on WiFi, triangulation or easily disrupted technology like infrared signals to provide real-time location data. Reliance on these technologies in isolation can result in delayed signal propagation and transmission, inefficient workflows—and most importantly, injury to staff or those in their charge. 

Actall’s ATLAS RTLS solution thrives in complex physical environments and other facilities where traditional locating methods fall short.  

Whether you're using RTLS for tracking, efficiency, staffing logistics or duress, ATLAS RTLS  articulates useful location data to quickly get help where it’s needed and make workflows more efficient in all areas of your organization. An Actall ATLAS solution can help you increase your RTLS return on investment by improving your operations.  

And rest assured: At Actall, you’re not just a one-time customer. Once you bring us on, we’re there for you. Whether it’s product questions, expansions to your existing RTLS infrastructure or system upgrades, we’ve got your back.

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