Actall’s Commitment to RTLS Partner Success

Actall has your back

By Actall’s Customer Care Team (Bill Edge, Josh Childs, Kyle Freeman)

Say you’re making your brother’s famous rib recipe for a cookout. You’ve got all the ingredients, you’ve been studying the recipe, the dry rub is dialed in and the hickory chips are on deck. Just one problem: Despite your prep work, you’ve still got some questions. Does he pre-bake the ribs or put them directly in the smoker? And, come to think of it, what temperature is the smoker supposed to be for the first 20 minutes? Does that sauce need more vinegar? You might feel nervous about winging it, but for one simple fact: He’s just a phone call away. And he always answers.

There are companies out there that sell real-time locating systems (RTLS) as an out-of-the-box solution and expect you to figure it out. When you need support, they’re hard to reach, out of touch and out of pocket. In fact, we’ve been called in to remove a competitor’s product and reinstall it with our own. Why? Because our competitor’s team never even showed up to the site-even when the product was failing.

When your questions deal with staff safety or potentially life-or-death situations, you need answers you can trust-and you need them fast. At Actall, we strive to be like that rib-king brother and serve up a quick and helpful answer. Not like the other guys who focus more on making money than on maintaining relationships.

Our relationships with RTLS clients in corrections, healthcare and mental health sectors are long-term. They last for years and years. And our ecosystem of RTLS integrators and clients thrives on support, transparency and communication. Because when we support each other, everyone wins.

Here’s how we ensure RTLS partner success across our client and integrator base.

Actall RTLS Support is About Hands-On Interaction

The vast majority of our customers operate from within complex physical environments, such as hospitals or corrections facilities. That means each project is unique and Actall’s RTLS installation plan is customized to the facility itself, often solving for difficult tracking situations like extremely dense walls, tunnels, winding corridors, machine interference and multiple floors.

The nature of our business necessitates working hand-in-hand with our customers to create an accurate staff efficiency and tracking plan that precisely suits their needs. We’re there, on site, to ensure success.

The detail involved in our plans also means that just any local integrator team won’t cut it. As we establish the plan, we work with our network of vetted and verified RTLS integrators, selecting one with a good blend of technical skill and customer service. If the end-user has previously chosen an integrator, we assess their background and support needs. Or, depending on the size of the job, we’ll put out a request for proposal and select a knowledgeable integrator from the applicant pool. In any case, we work closely with our clients to ensure the right integrator partner is brought on from Day One.

After an Actall RTLS system is installed in a facility by the integrator partner, we hand-check each and every antenna, gateway and duress button to ensure maximum accuracy and functionality. We’re there to answer questions, provide support and serve as a trusted partner to both the customer and the integrator.

And if customers run into challenges down the road stemming from a facility reconfiguration, for example, or have questions about their systems, our trusted network of integrators is their first line of support. If they’re verified by Actall, they know what they’re doing. But of course, we’re always here to help and answer questions if the need arises.

Problems with RTLS? Actall Has Answers

While the 2020 pandemic may have thrown a wrench into our usual in-person RTLS integrator training and ATLAS certification programs, one thing didn’t change: We are here, 100% of the time, as a rock-solid foundation for our network of integrators.

As mentioned previously, in the RTLS installation process we work directly with integrators to ensure systems are configured correctly, technician teams are up to speed and everyone is on the same page regarding plans and timelines. We’re there to answer questions and provide any necessary training.

And since customers forge relationships with local integrators, often reaching out for answers or system tweaks, we ensure our integrator partners are set up for success with up-to-date manuals and guides. We reach out with product and software updates so our integrators are empowered to serve our clients quickly and efficiently.

As we continue to upgrade many of our clients from PALS 9000 to our new ATLAS system, and as healthcare facilities and corrections facilities continue to prioritize individual safety, efficiency and asset tracking, we’ll always be here to support.

Actall’s reputation is built on the success of our partners, not our bottom line. We prioritize relationships-because to us, attention to detail, transparency and open communication are fundamental.

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