The Latest from the Actall Team

Read on for the latest from the Actall team—from product development and business updates to our take on the world of real-time locating systems. These resources are here to help you learn about our accurate tracking solutions for complex physical environments—especially in places like corrections facilities, healthcare and mental health facilities. Get your questions answered and learn a little more about what makes Actall’s solutions the most accurate and scalable on the market.


RTLS and Health Care Operations: Hand Hygiene, Asset Tracking and More

By Bill Edge Here’s a simple fact: People aren’t going to do exactly what you want them to do 100%...

Improving Staff Safety Improves Morale and Reduces Churn in Healthcare Settings

By Josh Childs The country is undergoing a radical shift in remote work versus in-person work. But for individuals in...

Next-Generation Corrections Staff Alarms: How to Create a Culture of Safety

By Nick McCusker Walk into any corrections facility in the United States, and you’ll see the same thing: a large...

RTLS Technology and Staff Efficiency: How to Improve Your Hospital’s Operations (and Bottom Line)

By Bill Edge, VP of Sales, Canada A real-time locating system (RTLS) is essential in locating and tracking patients, staff...

How to Quickly Locate Your Staff in Complex Physical Environments

In complex physical environments such as corrections, mental health and healthcare facilities, locating your staff quickly is about more than...

Accurate Tracking in Complex Physical Environments: A Case Study

By Bob Hampe At Actall, we provide tracking solutions for assets, staff and people in their care across a wide...