RTLS Product Suites and Components

Actall’s scalable, customized RTLS solutions can help you locate staff and assets down to the room, improve efficiency and ensure duress signals are responded to promptly. Even better: The often-challenging building design aspects found in corrections, mental health or healthcare facilities are no match for our dual-band technologies, RSSI tuning and granularity.

We thrive in facilities with dense, concrete architecture and those with thin, signal-bleeding drywall too. How? By deploying long-range 900 MHz signals, shorter-range 2.4 GHz (the same frequency as cellphones), RSSI tuning, targeted directional and omnidirectional antennas, customized ping rates and specific locator density. Our engineers custom-design highly accurate and scalable coverage for your facility, then work with a trusted network of integrator partners to install, test and deploy.

We provide the tags, locator wall mounts and any hardware necessary for your RTLS to function at optimal levels.

Our answer is the right answer, every time

We use RTLS technology to accurately provide you with dependable data. Good data provides many safety features. Our technology delivers consistently accurate data which, in turn, improves operations and optimizes return on investment.