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Today's Market

We recognize how RTLS technology is adaptable across multiple sectors.  Customer requests from within healthcare,  behavioral healthcare, and justice verticals help shape our future in the RTLS market.

The Challenge

We are continually evolving our technologies to provide integrated solutions, smaller and lighter transmitter designs and streamlined customizable software all at an affordable price.

Our Strategy

As RTLS industry leaders, we actively listen to the needs of end-users.  As a result, we are able to actively develop new technologies to meet individualized needs of facilities we serve.

Our answer is the right answer, every time

We use RTLS technology to accurately provide you with dependable data. Good data provides many safety features. Our technology delivers consistently accurate data which, in turn, improves operations and optimizes return on investment.

Let our technology maximize a return on your investment

Room-level location

Data insights

Improve workflow


Improve safety

Why choose Actall as your RTLS provider?

When you choose an ATLAS system for your facility you can be confident you are getting much more than the best technology.

We have the experience

Actall is an established leader in the RTLS industry and has been developing, manufacturing and installing RTLS systems since 1997. Our product lines are installed in hundreds of facilities across the US and abroad, serving many industries from healthcare to the justice sector, and many other facilities in-between. If you want real time location...we can find it.

ATLAS in your facility

The ATLAS product-line was developed using years of research, innovative technology and by listening to the facility-specific needs of our end-users. When you choose  ATLAS for your facility, you are choosing a proven RTLS solution. ATLAS is reliable, affordable, flexible and accurate.

We're here for you

At Actall we value the personal relationships we have with our end-users, dealers and installers. We're always available whether you need 24 hr technical support, or you want to tell us about your weekend. Give us a call or send us a message anytime.

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