Where Other RTLS Struggles, Actall Thrives

Our technology is designed to work where other RTLS technologies fall short, making our customized solutions expansive enough to cover the needs of complex physical environments as well as flexible enough to perform accurately and dependably in a variety of facility layouts.

The unique environments of corrections, mental health and mainstream medical facilities require a keen understanding of customer needs and objectives, and site-specific solutions for quick signal propagation through dense or varied building materials, across multiple floors and to designated receiver head-ends or gateways.

Mainstream medical facilities

Need accurate, reliable, scalable RTLS technology to improve staff and patient safety, introduce efficiencies and track high-value equipment assets. But many RTLS solutions fail to correct for the presence of machinery such as X-rays and CT machines that emit interfering signals—potentially leading to extended delays in duress or other signal propagation. The good news: Actall has the solution.

We serve mental health facilities

 Of all kinds—custody based, rehabilitative and more. Many mental health professionals and staff members who work at these facilities aren’t trained for physical de-escalation in the case of unruly residents or patients, and an accurate and fast duress system is critical. Additionally, residents and patients themselves can benefit from RTLS tracking and efficiency tools to help empower them on their treatment journey. Read more below.

At corrections facilities

From inmate or staff duress to efficiency tracking, we’ve helped corrections leaders improve their operations and safety ratings. We’re also big believers in the power of positive reinforcement to effect behavioral change—an endeavor that can be aided significantly with the right RTLS solution. Read on for more regarding our successes in corrections facilities of all sizes across North America.

Our answer is the right answer, every time

We use RTLS technology to accurately provide you with dependable data. Good data provides many safety features. Our technology delivers consistently accurate data which, in turn, improves operations and optimizes return on investment.