We have pioneered the development of RTLS and Iot designed for complex architecture since our founding. Along the way, we have accumulated a number of patents and pending patent applications.

Intellectual Property

The following articles are protected by the following United States patents for Actall Corporation Inc.

Personal duress security system

WO US AU CA US6175308B1 Erven Tallman Actall Corporation

Priority 1993-12-16 • Filed 1998-01-12 • Granted 2001-01-16 • Published 2001-01-16


Adaptable tracking tag

US US11599761B2 Donald Suriani Actall Corporation

Priority 2021-01-19 • Filed 2021-01-19 • Granted 2023-03-07 • Published 2023-03-07


Dual-band real-time location

US US11785419B2 Kevin Christensen Actall Corporation

Priority 2021-01-26 • Filed 2021-01-26 • Granted 2023-10-10 • Published 2023-10-10