We’re committed not only to providing the most accurate and efficient RTLS solutions for complex physical environments, but also to elevating the RTLS industry as a whole. We believe that when people are put first and safety is prioritized, we all win. That’s why we provide transparent, up-front information about our patented dual-band tracking technology and real-world partner success stories. 

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Why Actall? We Make RTLS Work Where It’s Not Supposed To

By Don Millick Complex physical environments—corrections, healthcare and behavioral health facilities—have specific characteristics that can make tracking and security difficult....

The Huddle: Does the Four-Day Workweek Have Legs?

By Bob Hampe If you’ve been on LinkedIn at any point in the last year, you’ve likely encountered multiple mentions...

Safety, Security and Rehabilitation: A Look at Nunavut’s Newest Correctional Facility

By Bill Edge A long-time corrections RTLS client of ours just upgraded their security system—and a whole lot more. The...