The Latest from the Actall Team

Read on for the latest from the Actall team—from product development and business updates to our take on the world of real-time locating systems. These resources are here to help you learn about our accurate tracking solutions for complex physical environments—especially in places like corrections facilities, healthcare and mental health facilities. Get your questions answered and learn a little more about what makes Actall’s solutions the most accurate and scalable on the market.


The Evolution of Custody: What Does the Corrections Facility of Tomorrow Look Like?

By Bob Hampe Calls for prison reform—including sentencing reform, drug policy modification and making mental health treatment available to incarcerated...

Failing Forward

By Bob Hampe Like all other humans, I’d bet you can point to a time or two when things didn’t...

Data-Enabled Efficiency Planning in Corrections Facilities and Custody-Based Behavioral Health Centers

By Josh Childs We’re proud to be the go-to provider of real time location systems for custody-based behavioral health centers....

Actall’s RTLS Alarms are the Fastest in the Business. Here’s How They Work, According to Our Engineers

By Daniel Yang and Fabrizio Polo Posted January 18, 2023 In 2022, we marked several exciting advancements in our organization....

Introducing Technology in Corrections Facilities Is One Thing. Getting People to Use It Is Another. Here’s How to Encourage Adoption.

By Bob Hampe Posted December 19, 2022 Recidivism is a pervasive issue in corrections. A commonly cited statistic is that,...

Staff Safety = Staff Happiness in Corrections Facilities. Here’s How RTLS Tech Supports Your Staff

By: Josh Childs Posted December 14, 2022 Spend any time in many workplaces, and you’d probably agree that there’s a...