The Latest from the Actall Team

Read on for the latest from the Actall team—from product development and business updates to our take on the world of real-time locating systems. These resources are here to help you learn about our accurate tracking solutions for complex physical environments—especially in places like corrections facilities, healthcare and mental health facilities. Get your questions answered and learn a little more about what makes Actall’s solutions the most accurate and scalable on the market.


Inflation Woes and Supply Chain Debacles: Leading Workers Through Transitional Times

By Bob Hampe Posted November 9, 2022 No matter where you get your news, one consistent theme has emerged as...

From the Field: Reports from Our Field Application Engineers and Installation Teams

By Don Millick Posted October 29, 2022 At Actall, we spend a lot of time developing innovative real-time locating solutions...

Cyber Security Attacks Continue. Here’s How to Safeguard Your Cyber Security Supply Chain

By André Sollner and Bob Hampe Posted August 11, 2022 While it’s true that advances in cyber security can result...

Navigating “Business as Usual” in a “Post”-Covid World

By Josh Childs Posted July 20, 2022 At one point or another, we’ve all experienced a major stressor in our...

Evaluating Your Facility’s Needs for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

By Don Millick Posted July 13, 2022 From time to time during my work with customers, a question pops up:...

Functional Upgrades for Your Existing Actall System

By Bob Hampe Posted July 9, 2022 We’re proud to provide ATLAS tracking technology and indoor positioning systems for complex...