The Latest from the Actall Team

Read on for the latest from the Actall team—from product development and business updates to our take on the world of real-time locating systems. These resources are here to help you learn about our accurate tracking solutions for complex physical environments—especially in places like corrections facilities, healthcare and mental health facilities. Get your questions answered and learn a little more about what makes Actall’s solutions the most accurate and scalable on the market.


The Huddle: Does the Four-Day Workweek Have Legs?

By Bob Hampe If you’ve been on LinkedIn at any point in the last year, you’ve likely encountered multiple mentions...

Safety, Security and Rehabilitation: A Look at Nunavut’s Newest Correctional Facility

By Bill Edge A long-time corrections RTLS client of ours just upgraded their security system—and a whole lot more. The...

Building the Right Thing vs Building the Thing Right

By Isaac Davenport, PhD In workplaces with many different departments, there is a tension between building the right thing and...

Cybersecurity and IoT: Addressing Vulnerabilities from the Inside Out

By André Sollner Let’s face it: Despite high expectations, 2021 made a lot of “worst ever” lists. That includes the...

COVID-19 Continues to Strain Our Mental Health. Here’s What That Means in the Long-Term—and How Tech Can Help

By Josh Childs While it may start to be feeling like “business as usual,” the pandemic is anything but. We’ve...

Understanding Personality Traits: The Key to Unlocking Success at Work

By Bob Hampe and Isaac Davenport You’ve likely heard it before: Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb...