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October 11, 2018

New Staff Duress Supplied by Actall for Colony Farms Forensic Psychiatric Hospital

Bill Edge, VP of Sales Canada    |   October 11, 2018


Actall  successfully installed the Atlas System to provide a Staff Duress solution in Colony Farms Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. This large installation was installed by Paladin Technologies, Actall's largest Canadian partner,  and is one of the largest Staff Duress system installations in Canada to date.


This was a difficult installation in that due to the necessity of continuous security coverage during the installation, the existing system had to remain operational parallel to installing the new Atlas system. To ensure continued coverage the 2 systems needed to work side by side with no issues or down times. ATLAS went in flawlessly with little to no adjustments needed, exemplifying the systems design to integrate seamlessly into any existing framework within a facility.


ATLAS software, developed by Actall's Software Engineers proprietorially for the ATLAS System, provides the Colony Farm staff a user-friendly interface. ATLAS locating technology is unparalleled within any type of facility, and thrives in densely-built facilities with difficult infrastructures. Colony Farms Forensic Psychiatric Hospital is a large multi-level facility with hundreds of staff and patients. In Colony Farms, the ATLAS System is simultaneously supporting 400+ devices, providing instant room level location without fading or floor hopping between floors. The ATLAS System's zonal location technology also covers the exterior of the building, which is new to the site and staff as the previous system could not provide coverage outside. The exterior of the building is divided into zones, directing security to the area in which the alarm is triggered. When tested, the results were superior to  the customers expectations with the outdoor location of the alarming tag identified within 10-12'.


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