Actall Introduces PrismUI, a new RTLS management toolkit

Posted June 16, 2023

Actall Corporation, a leading provider of real time tracking solutions for complex architecture, and IPFusion, developers of an industry-leading open software control and monitoring platform, announced a technology partnership with IPFusion at the American Jail Association annual convention. This partnership was formed to develop PrismUI, the site management tool deployed with Actall’s Atlas Real Time Locating System. This new product is built on the IPFusion flagship platform.

PrismUI is provides a highly configurable, feature rich interface for end user management of Atlas infrastructure. The platform is designed to be highly secure, with features such as secure authentication, data encryption, and data protection.

The platform also provides a comprehensive set of tools for workflow event creation, comprehensive reporting and logging. It also has direct interfaces to I/O contact hardware, Bosch alarm panels as well as SMS notifications. ATLAS RTLS functionalities include tag testing, device activation and assignment and system asset management. Prism is capable of adding mapping and event annunciation features for end users that do not already have a graphic user interface for physical systems management. Integration to third party facility management software is available through a simple OpenAPI protocol.

“We are excited to partner with IPFusion to bring this new product to market,” said Actall CEO, Bob Hampe. “PrismUI is a powerful platform that will enable organizations to quickly and easily enhance the features of Atlas RTLS and help Actall focus on the operation of our core product line. We believe this partnership will help us to better serve our customers and provide them with the best possible safety solutions.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Actall to launch PrismUI,” said IPFusion Vice President, LeDrew. “IPFusion looks forward to supporting Actall in its ongoing endeavors to innovate for their customer base. This collaboration aims to offer Actall customers the same level of precision and trust in their Atlas RTLS platform while potentially extending the flexibility, awareness, and control associated with the IPFusion platform.”

Atlas RTLS is widely used at many of the world’s most complex and dense architectural facilities around the globe. These enhancements and open platform design of HubSens 1.0 and PrismUI reflect the further development of a leading technical company to fulfill the needs of a highly engaged user base. With a commitment to helping businesses achieve their goals, Actall continues to provide innovations that enable success.

About Actall Corporation
Actall Corporation is an experienced systems engineering firm for Indoor Positioning Solutions. Our technical expertise stems from our success in deploying locating systems in extremely difficult & dense facilities. We have designed locating systems to meet owner criteria in environments where other providers cannot, including jails/prisons, mental health centers, state capitals and courts. Actall systems leverage accurate locating technologies for patients, inmates, staff, visitors and assets to generate valuable intelligence. About IPFusion
IPFusion is a globally supported software platform, expertly designed to control and monitor complex physical security environments in a non-proprietary manner. With an agnostic, customizable dashboard and a Workflow Engine, we ensure compliance with standard operating procedures while offering freedom in system and integrator selection. Our solution prioritizes customers, delivering exceptional situational awareness and robust, scalable control of various systems and devices. Forward-looking Statements
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