HubSens v1.0 Now Available with Open Platform Interface and Innovative Advances

Posted April 25, 2023

HubSens v1.0, the location engine for Actall’s renowned real-time location system (RTLS), was released today. The release of this software marks a fundamental shift in the functionality and architecture from previous Actall location platforms. HubSens is a Linux-based headless locating appliance that communicates with traditional graphical user interface platforms via an application programming interface (API) that complies with the OpenAPI standard.The new software is now shipping with all Actall ATLAS systems.

“HubSens introduces a new era of progress for ATLAS RTLS systems”, said Bob Hampe, President & CEO of Actall Corporation. “The progress made by firms that design and sell graphical user interfaces has been significant over the last decade; it simply doesn’t make sense to add another layer of technology. Most of our system deployments are viewed through a unified interface tailored to the unique operations of the end user’s vertical market.”

All ATLAS systems will also include a Windows-based CPU that contains commissioning and administrative tools. One of those tools, PrismUI, will provide end users the capability of maintaining, changing and updating ATLAS system resources and equipment after full commissioning and acceptance. “PrismUI provides our clients a powerful interface to maintain and augment their ATLAS system,” continued Hampe. “In addition to routine maintenance tasks, reporting and system monitoring, Prism adds new capabilities such as workflow event creation, text messaging and simplified I/O hardware integration. Further, Prism has the capabilities of providing a simple graphical mapping interface for ATLAS clients that do not currently have a third party graphical interface.”

ATLAS RTLS is widely used at many of the world’s most complex and dense architectural facilities around the globe. These enhancements and open platform design of HubSens 1.0 reflect the further development of a leading technical company to fulfill the needs of a highly engaged user base. With a commitment to helping businesses achieve their goals, Actall continues to provide innovations that enable success.

About Actall Corporation
Actall Corporation is an experienced systems engineering firm for Indoor Positioning Solutions. Our technical expertise stems from our success in deploying locating systems in extremely difficult & dense facilities. We have designed locating systems to meet owner criteria in environments where other providers cannot, including jails/prisons, mental health centers, state capitals and courts. Actall systems leverage accurate locating technologies for patients, inmates, staff, visitors and assets to generate valuable intelligence.

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