Fabrizio Polo

Software/Firmware Engineer


I focus on software architecture, tracking accuracy, network traffic optimization, and anything else that involves data analysis. Tasks ranging from firmware to software to pure math are regularly on my plate. In order to be more “full stack” I’d have to learn to solder.

PhD Mathematics

Attended The Ohio State University, Binghamton University, and Allegheny College

What superpower would you want?

Being able to slow down time so I have effectively an infinite amount of time to solve problems would be fantastic.

Favourite band/music genre?

My taste rotates around a lot. Usually I’m listening to 90’s rap and hiphop (Lauryn Hill, Nas, Redman, Gangstarr), but at the moment I’m listening to a lot of 60s-70s rock. The Hollies.

What are your downtime passions?

Disc golf, Minecraft, personal programming projects like writing games, building websites, bitcoin market analysis, computer languages, machine learning, anything mathy.