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Read on for the latest from the Actall team—from product development and business updates to our take on the world of real-time locating systems. These resources are here to help you learn about our accurate tracking solutions for complex physical environments—especially in places like corrections facilities, healthcare and mental health facilities. Get your questions answered and learn a little more about what makes Actall’s solutions the most accurate and scalable on the market.

Actall has your backk

Actall’s Commitment to RTLS Partner Success

By Actall's Customer Care Team (Bill Edge, Josh Childs, Kyle Freeman) Say you're making your brother's famous rib recipe for...

Upgrading from PALS 9000 to ATLAS

At Actall, we're always innovating for our customers. We are steadfast in our commitment to helping ensure safety and bring...
healthcare RTLS

We’ve Got Your Back: How Actall’s RTLS Solution Puts Accuracy at the Forefront

By Isaac Davenport, PhD, Chief Technology Officer We're not the first or the only RTLS solution on the market. No,...
Night security in healthcare

Real-Time Location Systems in Healthcare and Corrections: What to Look For

By Bill Edge When researching which indoor positioning system is right for your needs in a healthcare facility or corrections...
Actall's technology is useful in complex physical environments

Yes, There’s a “Right” Kind of Indoor Positioning System For Your Needs. Here’s Where to Start.

By Josh Childs, V.P. of U.S. Sales When you’re looking for the right indoor positioning system to track staff and...

Meet Louis, our winter 2018 intern

The Intern's Blog October 9, 2018 Meet Louis, Our 2018-2019 Winter Intern Louis X. | January X, 2018What are you...