Meet Louis, our winter 2018 intern

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October 9, 2018

Meet Louis, Our 2018-2019 Winter Intern

Louis X. | January X, 2018

What are you interested in doing after college? Career goals?

After college I’m really interested in being able to manage myself and looking for opportunities in careers I didn’t even know existed. I could even have the opportunity of entering into new fields that have yet to be formed.

What interests you the most; what could you see yourself doing every day?

I’m really interested in drawing and being able to design new architectural designs for houses so I can help make my parents’ dream homes. I can see myself dedicating my time to the perfection of any task I’m given in any future job. 

What is your background in the interests you have?

I mostly draw as a hobby at home, but have always loved taking my time to make it look as pleasing as possible because, just like any other artist, I love hearing people's feedback and admiration. Whenever any opportunity to learn and apply new techniques within my drawings arise I always take advantage of those opportunities. Such as in 5th grade I spent a whole art class period perfecting the shading on a single 3D “A”. 

What do you hope to get out of this internship?

An insight on how a company keeps its connections and intrigues customers on its website through the choice of how everything will be formatted and designed. I also hope for the chance to learn even more about graphic design using technology.

What have you learned so far?

I’ve learned multiple ways to manipulate images in order to have them fit a desired objective, using resources such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I’ve also learned how to make a website page look more appealing, to draw viewers in, by using tools and modules given within the editor mode.

Have your career goals changed since having experience doing these things?

My career goals have shifted a tad bit thanks to the experience that has been provided to me by Actall Corporation. I’m very thankful for this experience as it has allowed me to think about diving more into graphic design careers centered on using technology as a method of constructing my art or managing websites in order to give viewers of a website an eye-pleasing experience. 

Angel is a student at Denver School of Science and Technology and came to us through a curricular college preparatory course requirement. Our participation in DSST's trimester internship program has connected us with motivated intern candidates which have proven to be a valuable asset for Actall.


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