Scaling Duress Applications

I received an interesting call from my father-in-law, Rick, a few nights ago. He wanted to introduce me to his “buddy that owns a couple really nice motorcycles and garage full of expensive tools”. This friend was looking for a basic burglar alarm / security system to notify him if someone was breaking in. He also wanted to carry a panic button, a.k.a. personal duress button, [Read more…]

Let us Enter-Train You By Greg Johnson

Let us Enter-Train You By Greg Johnson – Project Manager Actall Corporation

How many times a year do we have to sit through a training class?  Two, three, more?  When I was in college I used to pick my classes based on the personality of the teachers, or lack thereof, and I would eventually select a class with a teacher who taught outside of the book and box.   [Read more…]

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We are here to help!

Very frequently we receive a number of calls regarding warranty information. Actall understands how important this is to our end users. Since we truly believe in the products we make, Actall Corporation provides a LIFETIME warranty for hardware products that we manufacture and warrants that each product will be free of defects in materials and workmanship (under normal wear and tear) for the product’s lifecycle, whether purchased directly from Actall or an authorized Actall Dealer.

Another thing that makes Actall truly unique is our support. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll be able to get a hold of one of us here in Denver. Not only are our products incredibly reliable, so are we. Whether you have questions, need training or just need someone to talk to, Actall is here to help.

Food for Thought

In Fulton County, near Atlanta, jail officials have recently developed an interesting idea to combat an unsettling problem and prisoners are breaking out of their cells.

Since opening in 2003, Fulton County Jail has had difficulty with prisoners picking the locks on jail cell doors. Recently, officials have purchased some new locks. With these new locks, prisoners have been not just encouraged to try to escape, they’ll be rewarded. That’s right; any prisoner who can pick the locks on the new jail cell doors will get free food and other items from the jail’s commissary.

Inmates have been able to easily pop internal door locks and get into the common area or reach others inside their cells. Inmates and staff were in danger, though the general public was not, since inmates getting out of their cells would still face many difficult hurdles to break out of jail.

“We’re going to get our worst offenders and put them in there and they’re going to be true to their natures,” said Col. Mark Adger, chief at the jail. “I’ve got nine cells and we’ll fill all nine with our worst lock-popping offenders and we’ll see if they can get out.”

Only one problem remains. There are 1,300 doors that need replacing at $1,600 dollars. Officials claim this will solve the problem once and for all.
Readers, what do you think? Is this a good idea? What safety implications accompany this contest, if any?

Safety: A precious commodity

The high amount of incarceration in our country is a problem. As a matter of fact, we have the world’s highest incarceration rate per capita. Meanwhile, prisons and jails are becoming overcrowded, and the safety of both inmates and personnel has become the latest crisis.

Some have called conditions that prisoners are experiencing inhumane, although it has remained far from the public eye for some time. A serious effort to mitigate this humanitarian issue is already taking place. California for instance is undergoing a significant reform called realignment which includes forms of punishment that are alternatives to hard time in the prison system. House arrest, vocational training, and rehabilitation are just a few options the state has been using.

What about the rest of the country? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) felt the situation was dire enough that they felt the need to get involved; one measure being taken is a lawsuit on the Los Angeles County jail system for overcrowding. Overcrowded prisons tend to be more prone to violence on both sides of the cells. Worse, guards can’t see directly into individual cells in many older facilities.

When guards become aware of violence in facilities, it is sometimes too late to call for assistance or backup. Actall Corporation has been tirelessly working to increase worker safety and reduce violence through reliable wireless protection with our duress alarms. Keep your eyes on us too, because big things are coming!

Actall and The ACA Congress of Correction July 20-25, 2012

In conjunction with the American Correctional Association, Actall Corporation would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone visiting the beautiful city of Denver for the Congress of Correction this summer!

We will see you there! Be sure to swing by our booth and say hello.